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final class: LayoutParameters [javadoc | source]
This class helps BoxLayout and OverlayLayout to layout their components and calculate all target's necessary parameters. It encapsulates all necessary for calculations data.
Field Summary
public  float alignmentX     
public  float alignmentY     
public final  Dimension minimumSize     
public final  Dimension preferredSize     
public final  Dimension maximumSize     
public static final  int MIXED_ALIGNMENT     
public static final  int HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT     
public static final  int VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT     
 public LayoutParameters(Container target,
    int alignment) 
    target - - container being laid out with this parameters
    alignment - - alignment of the target. It can be one of the following values: MIXED_ALIGNMENT - value for OverlayLayout HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT - value for BoxLayout with horizontal alignment VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT - value for BoxLayout with vertical alignment
Method from javax.swing.LayoutParameters Summary:
calculateLayoutParameters,   getAlignment,   invalidate,   layoutTarget,   setAlignment
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Method from javax.swing.LayoutParameters Detail:
 public synchronized  void calculateLayoutParameters() 
    Calculates layout parameters: maximum, preferred and minimum sizes for container
 public int getAlignment() 
 public  void invalidate() 
    This method is to be invoked to notify LayoutParameters object, that target was changed somehow and all cached data became unreliable
 public  void layoutTarget() 
    This method layouts target: calculates sizes an positions for all subcomponents
 public  void setAlignment(int alignment)