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public class: MenuSelectionManager [javadoc | source]
A MenuSelectionManager owns the selection in menu hierarchy.
Field Summary
protected transient  ChangeEvent changeEvent    Only one ChangeEvent is needed per button model instance since the event's only state is the source property. The source of events generated is always "this". 
protected  EventListenerList listenerList     
Method from javax.swing.MenuSelectionManager Summary:
addChangeListener,   clearSelectedPath,   componentForPoint,   defaultManager,   fireStateChanged,   getChangeListeners,   getSelectedPath,   isComponentPartOfCurrentMenu,   processKeyEvent,   processMouseEvent,   removeChangeListener,   setSelectedPath
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Method from javax.swing.MenuSelectionManager Detail:
 public  void addChangeListener(ChangeListener l) 
    Adds a ChangeListener to the button.
 public  void clearSelectedPath() 
    Tell the menu selection to close and unselect all the menu components. Call this method when a choice has been made
 public Component componentForPoint(Component source,
    Point sourcePoint) 
    Returns the component in the currently selected path which contains sourcePoint.
 public static MenuSelectionManager defaultManager() 
    Returns the default menu selection manager.
 protected  void fireStateChanged() 
    Notifies all listeners that have registered interest for notification on this event type. The event instance is created lazily.
 public ChangeListener[] getChangeListeners() 
    Returns an array of all the ChangeListeners added to this MenuSelectionManager with addChangeListener().
 public MenuElement[] getSelectedPath() 
    Returns the path to the currently selected menu item
 public boolean isComponentPartOfCurrentMenu(Component c) 
    Return true if c is part of the currently used menu
 public  void processKeyEvent(KeyEvent e) 
    When a MenuElement receives an event from a KeyListener, it should never process the event directly. Instead all MenuElements should call this method with the event.
 public  void processMouseEvent(MouseEvent event) 
    When a MenuElement receives an event from a MouseListener, it should never process the event directly. Instead all MenuElements should call this method with the event.
 public  void removeChangeListener(ChangeListener l) 
    Removes a ChangeListener from the button.
 public  void setSelectedPath(MenuElement[] path) 
    Changes the selection in the menu hierarchy. The elements in the array are sorted in order from the root menu element to the currently selected menu element.

    Note that this method is public but is used by the look and feel engine and should not be called by client applications.