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static class: PopupFactory.LightWeightPopup [javadoc | source]
Popup implementation that uses a JPanel as the popup.
Fields inherited from javax.swing.PopupFactory$ContainerPopup:
owner,  x,  y
Method from javax.swing.PopupFactory$LightWeightPopup Summary:
createComponent,   getLightWeightPopup,   hide,   reset,   show
Methods from javax.swing.PopupFactory$ContainerPopup:
fitsOnScreen,   getContainerPopupArea,   hide,   overlappedByOwnedWindow,   pack,   reset
Methods from javax.swing.Popup:
createComponent,   dispose,   getComponent,   hide,   pack,   reset,   show
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Method from javax.swing.PopupFactory$LightWeightPopup Detail:
 Component createComponent(Component owner) 
 static Popup getLightWeightPopup(Component owner,
    Component contents,
    int ownerX,
    int ownerY) 
    Returns a light weight Popup implementation. If the Popup needs more space that in available in owner, this will return null.
 public  void hide() 
  void reset(Component owner,
    Component contents,
    int ownerX,
    int ownerY) 
    Resets the Popup to an initial state.
 public  void show()