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public class: PopupFactory [javadoc | source]
PopupFactory, as the name implies, is used to obtain instances of Popups. Popups are used to display a Component above all other Components in a particular containment hierarchy. The general contract is that once you have obtained a Popup from a PopupFactory, you must invoke hide on the Popup. The typical usage is:
  PopupFactory factory = PopupFactory.getSharedInstance();
  Popup popup = factory.getPopup(owner, contents, x, y);
Field Summary
static final  int LIGHT_WEIGHT_POPUP    Key used to indicate a light weight popup should be used. 
static final  int MEDIUM_WEIGHT_POPUP    Key used to indicate a medium weight Popup should be used. 
static final  int HEAVY_WEIGHT_POPUP     
Method from javax.swing.PopupFactory Summary:
getPopup,   getPopupType,   getSharedInstance,   setPopupType,   setSharedInstance
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Method from javax.swing.PopupFactory Detail:
 public Popup getPopup(Component owner,
    Component contents,
    int x,
    int y) throws IllegalArgumentException 
    Creates a Popup for the Component owner containing the Component contents. owner is used to determine which Window the new Popup will parent the Component the Popup creates to. A null owner implies there is no valid parent. x and y specify the preferred initial location to place the Popup at. Based on screen size, or other paramaters, the Popup may not display at x and y.
 int getPopupType() 
    Returns the preferred type of Popup to create.
 public static PopupFactory getSharedInstance() 
    Returns the shared PopupFactory which can be used to obtain Popups.
  void setPopupType(int type) 
    Provides a hint as to the type of Popup that should be created.
 public static  void setSharedInstance(PopupFactory factory) 
    Sets the PopupFactory that will be used to obtain Popups. This will throw an IllegalArgumentException if factory is null.