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public static class: RowSorter.SortKey [javadoc | source]
SortKey describes the sort order for a particular column. The column index is in terms of the underlying model, which may differ from that of the view.
 public SortKey(int column,
    SortOrder sortOrder) 
    Creates a SortKey for the specified column with the specified sort order.
    column - index of the column, in terms of the model
    sortOrder - the sorter order
    IllegalArgumentException - if sortOrder is null
Method from javax.swing.RowSorter$SortKey Summary:
equals,   getColumn,   getSortOrder,   hashCode
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from javax.swing.RowSorter$SortKey Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object o) 
    Returns true if this object equals the specified object. If the specified object is a SortKey and references the same column and sort order, the two objects are equal.
 public final int getColumn() 
    Returns the index of the column.
 public final SortOrder getSortOrder() 
    Returns the sort order of the column.
 public int hashCode() 
    Returns the hash code for this SortKey.