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static class: TransferHandler.SwingDropTarget [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    UIResource, Serializable, DropTargetListener

This is the default drop target for drag and drop operations if one isn't provided by the developer. DropTarget only supports one DropTargetListener and doesn't function properly if it isn't set. This class sets the one listener as the linkage of drop handling to the TransferHandler, and adds support for additional listeners which some of the ComponentUI implementations install to manipulate a drop insertion location.
Fields inherited from java.awt.dnd.DropTarget:
actions,  active
 SwingDropTarget(Component c) 
Method from javax.swing.TransferHandler$SwingDropTarget Summary:
addDropTargetListener,   dragEnter,   dragExit,   dragOver,   drop,   dropActionChanged,   removeDropTargetListener
Methods from java.awt.dnd.DropTarget:
addDropTargetListener,   addNotify,   clearAutoscroll,   createDropTargetAutoScroller,   createDropTargetContext,   doSetDefaultActions,   dragEnter,   dragExit,   dragOver,   drop,   dropActionChanged,   getComponent,   getDefaultActions,   getDropTargetContext,   getFlavorMap,   initializeAutoscrolling,   isActive,   removeDropTargetListener,   removeNotify,   setActive,   setComponent,   setDefaultActions,   setFlavorMap,   updateAutoscroll
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Method from javax.swing.TransferHandler$SwingDropTarget Detail:
 public  void addDropTargetListener(DropTargetListener dtl) throws TooManyListenersException 
 public  void dragEnter(DropTargetDragEvent e) 
 public  void dragExit(DropTargetEvent e) 
 public  void dragOver(DropTargetDragEvent e) 
 public  void drop(DropTargetDropEvent e) 
 public  void dropActionChanged(DropTargetDragEvent e) 
 public  void removeDropTargetListener(DropTargetListener dtl)