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public static class: UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo [javadoc | source]
Provides a little information about an installed LookAndFeel for the sake of configuring a menu or for initial application set up.
 public LookAndFeelInfo(String name,
    String className) 
    Constructs a UIManagers LookAndFeelInfo object.
    name - a String specifying the name of the look and feel
    className - a String specifiying the name of the class that implements the look and feel
Method from javax.swing.UIManager$LookAndFeelInfo Summary:
getClassName,   getName,   toString
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Method from javax.swing.UIManager$LookAndFeelInfo Detail:
 public String getClassName() 
    Returns the name of the class that implements this look and feel.
 public String getName() 
    Returns the name of the look and feel in a form suitable for a menu or other presentation
 public String toString() 
    Returns a string that displays and identifies this object's properties.