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public interface: WindowConstants [javadoc | source] Constants used to control the window-closing operation. The setDefaultCloseOperation and getDefaultCloseOperation methods provided by JFrame, JInternalFrame, and JDialog use these constants. For examples of setting the default window-closing operation, see Responding to Window-Closing Events, a section in The Java Tutorial.
Field Summary
public static final  int DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE    The do-nothing default window close operation. 
public static final  int HIDE_ON_CLOSE    The hide-window default window close operation 
public static final  int DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE    The dispose-window default window close operation.

Note: When the last displayable window within the Java virtual machine (VM) is disposed of, the VM may terminate. See AWT Threading Issues for more information.

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public static final  int EXIT_ON_CLOSE    The exit application default window close operation. Attempting to set this on Windows that support this, such as JFrame, may throw a SecurityException based on the SecurityManager. It is recommended you only use this in an application.
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