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public class: SwingEditorSupport [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    SwingPointEditor, SwingFileEditor, SwingDimensionEditor, SwingURLEditor, SwingColorEditor, SwingInsetsEditor, SwingObjectEditor, SwingDoubleEditor, SwingBorderEditor, SwingFontEditor, SwingIconEditor, SwingStringEditor, SwingBooleanEditor, SwingRectangleEditor, SwingEnumEditor, SwingIntegerEditor, SwingNumberEditor

Base class of all Swing based property editors.
Field Summary
protected  JPanel panel    Component which holds the editor. Subclasses are responsible for instantiating this panel. 
protected static final  Dimension LARGE_DIMENSION     
protected static final  Dimension MEDIUM_DIMENSION     
protected static final  Dimension SMALL_DIMENSION     
protected static final  Insets BUTTON_MARGIN     
Method from javax.swing.beaninfo.SwingEditorSupport Summary:
getCustomEditor,   init,   setAlignment,   supportsCustomEditor
Methods from java.beans.PropertyEditorSupport:
addPropertyChangeListener,   firePropertyChange,   getAsText,   getCustomEditor,   getJavaInitializationString,   getSource,   getTags,   getValue,   isPaintable,   paintValue,   removePropertyChangeListener,   setAsText,   setSource,   setValue,   supportsCustomEditor
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Method from javax.swing.beaninfo.SwingEditorSupport Detail:
 public Component getCustomEditor() 
    Returns the panel responsible for rendering the PropertyEditor.
 public  void init(PropertyDescriptor descriptor) 
    For property editors that must be initialized with values from the property descriptor.
 protected final  void setAlignment(JComponent c) 
 public boolean supportsCustomEditor()