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public class: SwingIntegerEditor [javadoc | source]

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A property editor for editing integers. This editor also supports enumerated type properties which are identified if the "enumerationValues" key returns a non-null value. Note: the init() method must be called before the set/get methods can be called.
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Method from javax.swing.beaninfo.SwingIntegerEditor Summary:
addPropertyChangeListener,   getCustomEditor,   getValue,   init,   removePropertyChangeListener,   setValue
Methods from javax.swing.beaninfo.SwingEditorSupport:
getCustomEditor,   init,   setAlignment,   supportsCustomEditor
Methods from java.beans.PropertyEditorSupport:
addPropertyChangeListener,   firePropertyChange,   getAsText,   getCustomEditor,   getJavaInitializationString,   getSource,   getTags,   getValue,   isPaintable,   paintValue,   removePropertyChangeListener,   setAsText,   setSource,   setValue,   supportsCustomEditor
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Method from javax.swing.beaninfo.SwingIntegerEditor Detail:
 public  void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener l) 
    Must overloade the PropertyChangeListener registration because this class is the only interface to the SwingEnumEditor.
 public Component getCustomEditor() 
    Return the custom editor for the enumeration or the integer.
 public Object getValue() 
 public  void init(PropertyDescriptor descriptor) 
    Initializes this property editor with the enumerated items.
 public  void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener l) 
 public  void setValue(Object value)