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public interface: Border [javadoc | source] Interface describing an object capable of rendering a border around the edges of a swing component. For examples of using borders see How to Use Borders, a section in The Java Tutorial.

In the Swing component set, borders supercede Insets as the mechanism for creating a (decorated or plain) area around the edge of a component.

Usage Notes:

Method from javax.swing.border.Border Summary:
getBorderInsets,   isBorderOpaque,   paintBorder
Method from javax.swing.border.Border Detail:
 public Insets getBorderInsets(Component c)
    Returns the insets of the border.
 public boolean isBorderOpaque()
    Returns whether or not the border is opaque. If the border is opaque, it is responsible for filling in it's own background when painting.
 public  void paintBorder(Component c,
    Graphics g,
    int x,
    int y,
    int width,
    int height)
    Paints the border for the specified component with the specified position and size.