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public interface: InternalFrameListener [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    BasicInternalFrameListener, Handler, InternalFrameAdapter

The listener interface for receiving internal frame events. This class is functionally equivalent to the WindowListener class in the AWT.

See How to Write an Internal Frame Listener in The Java Tutorial for further documentation.

Method from javax.swing.event.InternalFrameListener Summary:
internalFrameActivated,   internalFrameClosed,   internalFrameClosing,   internalFrameDeactivated,   internalFrameDeiconified,   internalFrameIconified,   internalFrameOpened
Method from javax.swing.event.InternalFrameListener Detail:
 public  void internalFrameActivated(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame is activated.
 public  void internalFrameClosed(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame has been closed.
 public  void internalFrameClosing(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame is in the process of being closed. The close operation can be overridden at this point.
 public  void internalFrameDeactivated(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame is de-activated.
 public  void internalFrameDeiconified(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame is de-iconified.
 public  void internalFrameIconified(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when an internal frame is iconified.
 public  void internalFrameOpened(InternalFrameEvent e)
    Invoked when a internal frame has been opened.