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public class: RowSorterEvent [javadoc | source]

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RowSorterEvent provides notification of changes to a RowSorter. Two types of notification are possible:
Nested Class Summary:
public enum class  RowSorterEvent.Type  Enumeration of the types of RowSorterEvents. 
Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public RowSorterEvent(RowSorter source) 
    Creates a RowSorterEvent of type SORT_ORDER_CHANGED.
    source - the source of the change
    IllegalArgumentException - if source is null
 public RowSorterEvent(RowSorter source,
    Type type,
    int[] previousRowIndexToModel) 
    Creates a RowSorterEvent.
    source - the source of the change
    type - the type of event
    previousRowIndexToModel - the mapping from model indices to view indices prior to the sort, may be null
    IllegalArgumentException - if source or type is null
Method from javax.swing.event.RowSorterEvent Summary:
convertPreviousRowIndexToModel,   getPreviousRowCount,   getSource,   getType
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.swing.event.RowSorterEvent Detail:
 public int convertPreviousRowIndexToModel(int index) 
    Returns the location of index in terms of the model prior to the sort. This method is only useful for events of type SORTED. This method will return -1 if the index is not valid, or the locations prior to the sort have not been provided.
 public int getPreviousRowCount() 
    Returns the number of rows before the sort. This method is only useful for events of type SORTED and if the last locations have not been provided will return 0.
 public RowSorter getSource() 
    Returns the source of the event as a RowSorter.
 public Type getType() 
    Returns the type of event.