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class: WindowsFileSystemView [javadoc | source]
FileSystemView that handles some specific windows concepts.
Fields inherited from javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView:
windowsFileSystemView,  unixFileSystemView,  genericFileSystemView
Method from javax.swing.filechooser.WindowsFileSystemView Summary:
createFileObject,   createFileSystemRoot,   createNewFolder,   getChild,   getHomeDirectory,   getSystemTypeDescription,   isDrive,   isFloppyDrive,   isTraversable
Methods from javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView:
createFileObject,   createFileObject,   createFileSystemRoot,   createNewFolder,   getChild,   getDefaultDirectory,   getFileSystemView,   getFiles,   getHomeDirectory,   getParentDirectory,   getRoots,   getShellFolder,   getSystemDisplayName,   getSystemIcon,   getSystemTypeDescription,   isComputerNode,   isDrive,   isFileSystem,   isFileSystemRoot,   isFloppyDrive,   isHiddenFile,   isParent,   isRoot,   isTraversable
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Method from javax.swing.filechooser.WindowsFileSystemView Detail:
 public File createFileObject(String path) 
    Returns a File object constructed from the given path string.
 protected File createFileSystemRoot(File f) 
 public File createNewFolder(File containingDir) throws IOException 
    Creates a new folder with a default folder name.
 public File getChild(File parent,
    String fileName) 
 public File getHomeDirectory() 
 public String getSystemTypeDescription(File f) 
    Type description for a file, directory, or folder as it would be displayed in a system file browser. Example from Windows: the "Desktop" folder is desribed as "Desktop". The Windows implementation gets information from the ShellFolder class.
 public boolean isDrive(File dir) 
 public boolean isFloppyDrive(File dir) 
 public Boolean isTraversable(File f)