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Abstract Classes:

FileFilter   FileFilter is an abstract class used by {@code JFileChooser} for filtering the set of files shown to the user.  code | html
FileSystemView   FileSystemView is JFileChooser's gateway to the file system.  code | html
FileView   FileView defines an abstract class that can be implemented to provide the filechooser with UI information for a File code | html


FileNameExtensionFilter   An implementation of {@code FileFilter} that filters using a specified set of extensions.  code | html
FileSystemView.FileSystemRoot     code | html
GenericFileSystemView   Fallthrough FileSystemView in case we can't determine the OS.  code | html
UnixFileSystemView   FileSystemView that handles some specific unix-isms.  code | html
UnixFileSystemView   A concrete implementation of FileSystemView that is appropriate for Unix-like systems.  code | html
WindowsFileSystemView   FileSystemView that handles some specific windows concepts.  code | html