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public class: BasicBorders [javadoc | source]
Factory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the basic L & F.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  BasicBorders.RolloverButtonBorder  Special thin border for rollover toolbar buttons. 
static class  BasicBorders.RolloverMarginBorder  A border which is like a Margin border but it will only honor the margin if the margin has been explicitly set by the developer. Note: This is identical to the package private class MetalBorders.RolloverMarginBorder and should probably be consolidated. 
public static class  BasicBorders.ButtonBorder   
public static class  BasicBorders.ToggleButtonBorder   
public static class  BasicBorders.RadioButtonBorder   
public static class  BasicBorders.MenuBarBorder   
public static class  BasicBorders.MarginBorder   
public static class  BasicBorders.FieldBorder   
static class  BasicBorders.SplitPaneDividerBorder  Draws the border around the divider in a splitpane (when BasicSplitPaneUI is used). To get the appropriate effect, this needs to be used with a SplitPaneBorder. 
public static class  BasicBorders.SplitPaneBorder  Draws the border around the splitpane. To work correctly you shoudl also install a border on the divider (property SplitPaneDivider.border). 
Method from javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicBorders Summary:
getButtonBorder,   getInternalFrameBorder,   getMenuBarBorder,   getProgressBarBorder,   getRadioButtonBorder,   getSplitPaneBorder,   getSplitPaneDividerBorder,   getTextFieldBorder,   getToggleButtonBorder
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Method from javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicBorders Detail:
 public static Border getButtonBorder() 
 public static Border getInternalFrameBorder() 
 public static Border getMenuBarBorder() 
 public static Border getProgressBarBorder() 
 public static Border getRadioButtonBorder() 
 public static Border getSplitPaneBorder() 
 public static Border getSplitPaneDividerBorder() 
    Returns a border instance for a JSplitPane divider
 public static Border getTextFieldBorder() 
 public static Border getToggleButtonBorder()