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public class: BasicButtonUI [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    MetalButtonUI, BasicCheckBoxUI, SynthRadioButtonUI, SynthToggleButtonUI, SynthArrowButtonUI, MetalRadioButtonUI, SynthButtonUI, BasicRadioButtonUI, MetalToggleButtonUI, MetalCheckBoxUI, BasicToggleButtonUI, SynthCheckBoxUI

BasicButton implementation
Field Summary
protected  int defaultTextIconGap     
protected  int defaultTextShiftOffset     
Method from javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonUI Summary:
clearTextShiftOffset,   createButtonListener,   createUI,   getBaseline,   getBaselineResizeBehavior,   getDefaultTextIconGap,   getMaximumSize,   getMinimumSize,   getPreferredSize,   getPropertyPrefix,   getTextShiftOffset,   installDefaults,   installKeyboardActions,   installListeners,   installUI,   paint,   paintButtonPressed,   paintFocus,   paintIcon,   paintText,   paintText,   setTextShiftOffset,   uninstallDefaults,   uninstallKeyboardActions,   uninstallListeners,   uninstallUI
Methods from javax.swing.plaf.ComponentUI:
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Method from javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonUI Detail:
 protected  void clearTextShiftOffset() 
 protected BasicButtonListener createButtonListener(AbstractButton b) 
 public static ComponentUI createUI(JComponent c) 
 public int getBaseline(JComponent c,
    int width,
    int height) 
    Returns the baseline.
 public BaselineResizeBehavior getBaselineResizeBehavior(JComponent c) 
    Returns an enum indicating how the baseline of the component changes as the size changes.
 public int getDefaultTextIconGap(AbstractButton b) 
 public Dimension getMaximumSize(JComponent c) 
 public Dimension getMinimumSize(JComponent c) 
 public Dimension getPreferredSize(JComponent c) 
 protected String getPropertyPrefix() 
 protected int getTextShiftOffset() 
 protected  void installDefaults(AbstractButton b) 
 protected  void installKeyboardActions(AbstractButton b) 
 protected  void installListeners(AbstractButton b) 
 public  void installUI(JComponent c) 
 public  void paint(Graphics g,
    JComponent c) 
 protected  void paintButtonPressed(Graphics g,
    AbstractButton b) 
 protected  void paintFocus(Graphics g,
    AbstractButton b,
    Rectangle viewRect,
    Rectangle textRect,
    Rectangle iconRect) 
 protected  void paintIcon(Graphics g,
    JComponent c,
    Rectangle iconRect) 
 protected  void paintText(Graphics g,
    JComponent c,
    Rectangle textRect,
    String text) 
    As of Java 2 platform v 1.4 this method should not be used or overriden. Use the paintText method which takes the AbstractButton argument.
 protected  void paintText(Graphics g,
    AbstractButton b,
    Rectangle textRect,
    String text) 
    Method which renders the text of the current button.

 protected  void setTextShiftOffset() 
 protected  void uninstallDefaults(AbstractButton b) 
 protected  void uninstallKeyboardActions(AbstractButton b) 
 protected  void uninstallListeners(AbstractButton b) 
 public  void uninstallUI(JComponent c)