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class: ImageCache [javadoc | source]
ImageCache - A fixed pixel count sized cache of Images keyed by arbitrary set of arguments. All images are held with SoftReferences so they will be dropped by the GC if heap memory gets tight. When our size hits max pixel count least recently requested images are removed first.
 public ImageCache() 
 public ImageCache(int maxPixelCount,
    int maxSingleImagePixelSize) 
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flush,   getImage,   getInstance,   isImageCachable,   setImage
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Method from javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.ImageCache Detail:
 public  void flush() 
    Clear the cache
 public Image getImage(GraphicsConfiguration config,
    int w,
    int h,
    Object args) 
    Get the cached image for given keys
 static ImageCache getInstance() 
    Get static singleton instance
 public boolean isImageCachable(int w,
    int h) 
    Check if the image size is to big to be stored in the cache
 public boolean setImage(Image image,
    GraphicsConfiguration config,
    int w,
    int h,
    Object args) 
    Sets the cached image for the specified constraints.