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static final class: NimbusStyle.Values [javadoc | source]
Essentially a struct of data for a style. A default instance of this class is used by NimbusStyle. Additional instances exist for each component that has overrides.
Field Summary
 State[] stateTypes    The list of State types. A State represents a type of state, such as Enabled, Default, WindowFocused, etc. These can be custom states. 
 RuntimeState[] states    The list of actual runtime state representations. These can represent things such as Enabled + Focused. Thus, they differ from States in that they contain several states together, and have associated properties, data, etc. 
 Insets contentMargins    The content margins for this region. 
 UIDefaults defaults    Defaults on the region/component level. 
 Map<CacheKey, Object> cache    Simple cache. After a value has been looked up, it is stored in this cache for later retrieval. The key is a concatenation of the property being looked up, two dollar signs, and the extended state. So for example: foo.bar$$2353 
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