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Abstract Classes:

AbstractRegionPainter   Convenient base class for defining Painter instances for rendering a region or component in Nimbus.  code | html
Effect   Effect  code | html
ShadowEffect   ShadowEffect - base class with all the standard properties for shadow effects  code | html

Represents a built in, or custom, state in Nimbus.

Synth provides several built in states, which are:

  • Enabled
  • Mouse Over
  • Pressed
  • Disabled
  • Focused
  • Selected
  • Default

However, there are many more states that could be described in a LookAndFeel, and it would be nice to style components differently based on these different states. 

code | html


AbstractRegionPainter.PaintContext.CacheMode     code | html
Effect.EffectType     code | html
ImageScalingHelper.PaintType   Enumeration for the types of painting this class can handle.  code | html
AbstractRegionPainter.PaintContext   A class encapsulating state useful when painting.  code | html
DerivedColor   DerivedColor - A color implementation that is derived from a UIManager defaults table color and a set of offsets.  code | html
DerivedColor.UIResource     code | html
DropShadowEffect   DropShadowEffect - This effect currently only works with ARGB type buffered images.  code | html
Effect.ArrayCache     code | html
EffectUtils   EffectUtils  code | html
ImageCache   ImageCache - A fixed pixel count sized cache of Images keyed by arbitrary set of arguments.  code | html
ImageCache.PixelCountSoftReference   Extended SoftReference that stores the pixel count even after the image is lost  code | html
ImageScalingHelper   ImageScalingHelper  code | html
InnerGlowEffect   InnerGlowEffect  code | html
InnerShadowEffect   InnerShadowEffect - This effect currently only works with ARGB type buffered images.  code | html
LoweredBorder   LoweredBorder - A recessed rounded inner shadowed border.  code | html
NimbusIcon   An icon that delegates to a painter.  code | html

The NimbusLookAndFeel class.

code | html
NimbusLookAndFeel.DefaultsListener     code | html
NimbusLookAndFeel.LinkProperty   Simple Symbolic Link style UIDefalts Property  code | html
NimbusLookAndFeel.NimbusProperty   Nimbus Property that looks up Nimbus keys for standard key names.  code | html

A SynthStyle implementation used by Nimbus. 

code | html
NimbusStyle.CacheKey   This implementation presupposes that key is never null and that the two keys being checked for equality are never null  code | html
NimbusStyle.RuntimeState   Contains values such as the UIDefaults and painters asssociated with a state.  code | html
NimbusStyle.Values   Essentially a struct of data for a style.  code | html
OuterGlowEffect   InnerGlowEffect  code | html
State.StandardState     code | html
SynthPainterImpl     code | html
TableScrollPaneCorner   TableScrollPaneCorner - A simple component that paints itself using the table header background painter.  code | html
ToolBarSeparatorPainter   A special painter implementation for tool bar separators in Nimbus.  code | html