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public interface: TableCellRenderer [javadoc | source] This interface defines the method required by any object that would like to be a renderer for cells in a JTable.
Method from javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer Summary:
Method from javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer Detail:
 public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table,
    Object value,
    boolean isSelected,
    boolean hasFocus,
    int row,
    int column)
    Returns the component used for drawing the cell. This method is used to configure the renderer appropriately before drawing.

    The TableCellRenderer is also responsible for rendering the the cell representing the table's current DnD drop location if it has one. If this renderer cares about rendering the DnD drop location, it should query the table directly to see if the given row and column represent the drop location:

        JTable.DropLocation dropLocation = table.getDropLocation();
        if (dropLocation != null
                && !dropLocation.isInsertRow()
                && !dropLocation.isInsertColumn()
                && dropLocation.getRow() == row
                && dropLocation.getColumn() == column) {
            // this cell represents the current drop location
            // so render it specially, perhaps with a different color

    During a printing operation, this method will be called with isSelected and hasFocus values of false to prevent selection and focus from appearing in the printed output. To do other customization based on whether or not the table is being printed, check the return value from javax.swing.JComponent#isPaintingForPrint() .