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public static class: AbstractDocument.ElementEdit [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ElementChange, UndoableEdit, Serializable

An implementation of ElementChange that can be added to the document event.
Fields inherited from javax.swing.undo.AbstractUndoableEdit:
UndoName,  RedoName,  hasBeenDone,  alive
 public ElementEdit(Element e,
    int index,
    Element[] removed,
    Element[] added) 
    Constructs an edit record. This does not modify the element so it can safely be used to catch up a view to the current model state for views that just attached to a model.
    e - the element
    index - the index into the model >= 0
    removed - a set of elements that were removed
    added - a set of elements that were added
Method from javax.swing.text.AbstractDocument$ElementEdit Summary:
getChildrenAdded,   getChildrenRemoved,   getElement,   getIndex,   redo,   undo
Methods from javax.swing.undo.AbstractUndoableEdit:
addEdit,   canRedo,   canUndo,   die,   getPresentationName,   getRedoPresentationName,   getUndoPresentationName,   isSignificant,   redo,   replaceEdit,   toString,   undo
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Method from javax.swing.text.AbstractDocument$ElementEdit Detail:
 public Element[] getChildrenAdded() 
    Gets a list of children that were added.
 public Element[] getChildrenRemoved() 
    Gets a list of children that were removed.
 public Element getElement() 
    Returns the underlying element.
 public int getIndex() 
    Returns the index into the list of elements.
 public  void redo() throws CannotRedoException 
    Redoes a change.
 public  void undo() throws CannotUndoException 
    Undoes a change.