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abstract class: ContentPositions [javadoc | source]
Nested Class Summary:
public final class  ContentPositions.DocumentMark   
Field Summary
protected  List positionList     
Method from javax.swing.text.ContentPositions Summary:
createPosition,   deletePositions,   getOffsetForDocumentMark,   getPositionsInRange,   moveMarkIndexes,   moveMarkIndexes,   setMarkIndexes,   setOffsetForDocumentMark,   updateUndoPositions
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Method from javax.swing.text.ContentPositions Detail:
 public Position createPosition(int offset) throws BadLocationException 
 public  void deletePositions() 
    Deletes position instances from the list that were cleared by the garbage collector. It is called (or must be called) in the methods modifying this list before the modification is done.
 abstract protected int getOffsetForDocumentMark(int index)
 public Vector getPositionsInRange(Vector vector,
    int offset,
    int len) 
 public  void moveMarkIndexes(int startIndex,
    int diff) 
 public  void moveMarkIndexes(int startIndex,
    int endIndex,
    int diff) 
 public  void setMarkIndexes(int startIndex,
    int endIndex,
    int newIndex) 
 abstract protected int setOffsetForDocumentMark(int offset)
 public  void updateUndoPositions(Vector positions)