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static class: DefaultFormatter.ReplaceHolder [javadoc | source]
ReplaceHolder is used to track where insert/remove/replace is going to happen.
Field Summary
 FilterBypass fb    The FilterBypass that was passed to the DocumentFilter method. 
 int offset    Offset where the remove/insert is going to occur. 
 int length    Length of text to remove. 
 String text    The text to insert, may be null. 
 AttributeSet attrs    AttributeSet to attach to text, may be null. 
 Object value    The resulting value, this may never be set. 
 int cursorPosition    Position the cursor should be adjusted from. If this is -1 the cursor position will be adjusted based on the direction of the replace (-1: offset, 1: offset + text.length()), otherwise the cursor position is adusted from this position. 
Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultFormatter$ReplaceHolder Summary:
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Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultFormatter$ReplaceHolder Detail:
  void reset(FilterBypass fb,
    int offset,
    int length,
    String text,
    AttributeSet attrs)