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class: DefaultHighlighter.LayeredHighlightInfo [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

LayeredHighlightPainter is used when a drawsLayeredHighlights is true. It maintains a rectangle of the region to paint.
Field Summary
 int x     
 int y     
 int width     
 int height     
Fields inherited from javax.swing.text.DefaultHighlighter$HighlightInfo:
p0,  p1,  painter
Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultHighlighter$LayeredHighlightInfo Summary:
paintLayeredHighlights,   union
Methods from javax.swing.text.DefaultHighlighter$HighlightInfo:
getEndOffset,   getPainter,   getStartOffset
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Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultHighlighter$LayeredHighlightInfo Detail:
  void paintLayeredHighlights(Graphics g,
    int p0,
    int p1,
    Shape viewBounds,
    JTextComponent editor,
    View view) 
    Restricts the region based on the receivers offsets and messages the painter to paint the region.
  void union(Shape bounds)