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static class: DefaultStyledDocument.StyleChangeUndoableEdit [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    UndoableEdit, Serializable

UndoableEdit for changing the resolve parent of an Element.
Field Summary
protected  AbstractElement element    Element to change resolve parent of. 
protected  Style newStyle    New style. 
protected  AttributeSet oldStyle    Old style, before setting newStyle. 
Fields inherited from javax.swing.undo.AbstractUndoableEdit:
UndoName,  RedoName,  hasBeenDone,  alive
 public StyleChangeUndoableEdit(AbstractElement element,
    Style newStyle) 
Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultStyledDocument$StyleChangeUndoableEdit Summary:
redo,   undo
Methods from javax.swing.undo.AbstractUndoableEdit:
addEdit,   canRedo,   canUndo,   die,   getPresentationName,   getRedoPresentationName,   getUndoPresentationName,   isSignificant,   redo,   replaceEdit,   toString,   undo
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Method from javax.swing.text.DefaultStyledDocument$StyleChangeUndoableEdit Detail:
 public  void redo() throws CannotRedoException 
    Redoes a change.
 public  void undo() throws CannotUndoException 
    Undoes a change.