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abstract public static class: DocumentFilter.FilterBypass [javadoc | source]

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Used as a way to circumvent calling back into the Document to change it. Document implementations that wish to support a DocumentFilter must provide an implementation that will not callback into the DocumentFilter when the following methods are invoked from the DocumentFilter.
Method from javax.swing.text.DocumentFilter$FilterBypass Summary:
getDocument,   insertString,   remove,   replace
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Method from javax.swing.text.DocumentFilter$FilterBypass Detail:
 abstract public Document getDocument()
    Returns the Document the mutation is occuring on.
 abstract public  void insertString(int offset,
    String string,
    AttributeSet attr) throws BadLocationException
    Inserts the specified text, bypassing the DocumentFilter.
 abstract public  void remove(int offset,
    int length) throws BadLocationException
    Removes the specified region of text, bypassing the DocumentFilter.
 abstract public  void replace(int offset,
    int length,
    String string,
    AttributeSet attrs) throws BadLocationException
    Deletes the region of text from offset to offset + length, and replaces it with text.