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static class: FlowView.LogicalView [javadoc | source]

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This class can be used to represent a logical view for a flow. It keeps the children updated to reflect the state of the model, gives the logical child views access to the view hierarchy, and calculates a preferred span. It doesn't do any rendering, layout, or model/view translation.
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 LogicalView(Element elem) 
Method from javax.swing.text.FlowView$LogicalView Summary:
childAllocation,   forwardUpdateToView,   getAttributes,   getMinimumSpan,   getPreferredSpan,   getViewAtPoint,   getViewIndexAtPosition,   isAfter,   isBefore,   loadChildren,   paint
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Method from javax.swing.text.FlowView$LogicalView Detail:
 protected  void childAllocation(int index,
    Rectangle a) 
    Returns the allocation for a given child. Implemented to do nothing, as the logical view doesn't perform layout on the children.
 protected  void forwardUpdateToView(View v,
    DocumentEvent e,
    Shape a,
    ViewFactory f) 
    Forward the DocumentEvent to the given child view. This is implemented to reparent the child to the logical view (the children may have been parented by a row in the flow if they fit without breaking) and then execute the superclass behavior.
 public AttributeSet getAttributes() 
    Fetches the attributes to use when rendering. This view isn't directly responsible for an element so it returns the outer classes attributes.
 public float getMinimumSpan(int axis) 
    Determines the minimum span for this view along an axis. The is implemented to find the minimum unbreakable span.
 public float getPreferredSpan(int axis) 
    Determines the preferred span for this view along an axis.
 protected View getViewAtPoint(int x,
    int y,
    Rectangle alloc) 
    Fetches the child view at the given point. Implemented to return null, as hit detection is not performed on the logical view.
 protected int getViewIndexAtPosition(int pos) 
 protected boolean isAfter(int x,
    int y,
    Rectangle alloc) 
    Tests whether a point lies after the rectangle range. Implemented to return false, as hit detection is not performed on the logical view.
 protected boolean isBefore(int x,
    int y,
    Rectangle alloc) 
    Tests whether a point lies before the rectangle range. Implemented to return false, as hit detection is not performed on the logical view.
 protected  void loadChildren(ViewFactory f) 
 public  void paint(Graphics g,
    Shape allocation) 
    Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface. This is implemented to do nothing, the logical view is never visible.