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final class: GapContent.MarkData [javadoc | source]
Holds the data for a mark... separately from the real mark so that the real mark (Position that the caller of createPosition holds) can be collected if there are no more references to it. The update table holds only a reference to this data.
Field Summary
 int index     
Fields inherited from java.lang.ref.Reference:
queue,  next
 MarkData(int index) 
 MarkData(int index,
    StickyPosition position,
    ReferenceQueue<StickyPosition> queue) 
Method from javax.swing.text.GapContent$MarkData Summary:
getOffset,   getPosition
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Method from javax.swing.text.GapContent$MarkData Detail:
 public final int getOffset() 
    Fetch the location in the contiguous sequence being modeled. The index in the gap array is held by the mark, so it is adjusted according to it's relationship to the gap.
 StickyPosition getPosition()