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static class: InternationalFormatter.ExtendedReplaceHolder [javadoc | source]
As InternationalFormatter replaces the complete text on every edit, ExtendedReplaceHolder keeps track of the offset and length passed into canReplace.
Field Summary
 int endOffset    Offset of the insert/remove. This may differ from offset in that if !allowsInvalid the text is replaced on every edit. 
 int endTextLength    Length of the text. This may differ from text.length in that if !allowsInvalid the text is replaced on every edit. 
Method from javax.swing.text.InternationalFormatter$ExtendedReplaceHolder Summary:
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Method from javax.swing.text.InternationalFormatter$ExtendedReplaceHolder Detail:
  void resetFromValue(InternationalFormatter formatter) 
    Resets the region to delete to be the complete document and the text from invoking valueToString on the current value.