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static class: JTextComponent.KeymapWrapper [javadoc | source]

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KeymapWrapper wraps a Keymap inside an InputMap. For KeymapWrapper to be useful it must be used with a KeymapActionMap. KeymapWrapper for the most part, is an InputMap with two parents. The first parent visited is ALWAYS the Keymap, with the second parent being the parent inherited from InputMap. If keymap.getAction returns null, implying the Keymap does not have a binding for the KeyStroke, the parent is then visited. If the Keymap has a binding, the Action is returned, if not and the KeyStroke represents a KeyTyped event and the Keymap has a defaultAction, DefaultActionKey is returned.

KeymapActionMap is then able to transate the object passed in to either message the Keymap, or message its default implementation.
Field Summary
static final  Object DefaultActionKey     
 KeymapWrapper(Keymap keymap) 
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get,   keys,   size
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Method from javax.swing.text.JTextComponent$KeymapWrapper Detail:
 public Object get(KeyStroke keyStroke) 
 public KeyStroke[] keys() 
 public int size()