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class: MaskFormatter.MaskCharacter [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    UpperCaseCharacter, HexCharacter, LiteralCharacter, AlphaNumericCharacter, LowerCaseCharacter, DigitMaskCharacter, CharCharacter

Method from javax.swing.text.MaskFormatter$MaskCharacter Summary:
append,   getChar,   isLiteral,   isValidCharacter
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Method from javax.swing.text.MaskFormatter$MaskCharacter Detail:
 public  void append(StringBuilder buff,
    String formatting,
    int[] index,
    String placeholder) throws ParseException 
    Appends the necessary character in formatting at index to buff.
 public char getChar(char aChar) 
    Returns the character to insert for aChar. The default implementation returns aChar. Subclasses that wish to do some sort of mapping, perhaps lower case to upper case should override this and do the necessary mapping.
 public boolean isLiteral() 
    Subclasses should override this returning true if the instance represents a literal character. The default implementation returns false.
 public boolean isValidCharacter(char aChar) 
    Returns true if aChar is a valid reprensentation of the receiver. The default implementation returns true if the receiver represents a literal character and getChar == aChar. Otherwise, this will return true is aChar is contained in the valid characters and not contained in the invalid characters.