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abstract public static class: NavigationFilter.FilterBypass [javadoc | source]

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Used as a way to circumvent calling back into the caret to position the cursor. Caret implementations that wish to support a NavigationFilter must provide an implementation that will not callback into the NavigationFilter.
Method from javax.swing.text.NavigationFilter$FilterBypass Summary:
getCaret,   moveDot,   setDot
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Method from javax.swing.text.NavigationFilter$FilterBypass Detail:
 abstract public Caret getCaret()
    Returns the Caret that is changing.
 abstract public  void moveDot(int dot,
    Bias bias)
    Moves the caret location, bypassing the NavigationFilter.
 abstract public  void setDot(int dot,
    Bias bias)
    Sets the caret location, bypassing the NavigationFilter.