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class: ParagraphView.Row [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Internally created view that has the purpose of holding the views that represent the children of the paragraph that have been arranged in rows.
Field Summary
static final  int SPACE_ADDON     
static final  int SPACE_ADDON_LEFTOVER_END     
static final  int START_JUSTIFIABLE     
static final  int END_JUSTIFIABLE     
 int[] justificationData     
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BadBreakWeight,  GoodBreakWeight,  ExcellentBreakWeight,  ForcedBreakWeight,  X_AXIS,  Y_AXIS,  sharedBiasReturn
 Row(Element elem) 
Method from javax.swing.text.ParagraphView$Row Summary:
calculateMajorAxisRequirements,   calculateMinorAxisRequirements,   getAlignment,   getAttributes,   getBottomInset,   getEndOffset,   getLeftInset,   getMaximumSpan,   getStartOffset,   getViewIndexAtPosition,   layoutMajorAxis,   layoutMinorAxis,   loadChildren,   modelToView
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Method from javax.swing.text.ParagraphView$Row Detail:
 protected SizeRequirements calculateMajorAxisRequirements(int axis,
    SizeRequirements r) 
 protected SizeRequirements calculateMinorAxisRequirements(int axis,
    SizeRequirements r) 
 public float getAlignment(int axis) 
 public AttributeSet getAttributes() 
    Fetches the attributes to use when rendering. This view isn't directly responsible for an element so it returns the outer classes attributes.
 protected short getBottomInset() 
 public int getEndOffset() 
 protected short getLeftInset() 
    Gets the left inset.
 public float getMaximumSpan(int axis) 
 public int getStartOffset() 
    Range represented by a row in the paragraph is only a subset of the total range of the paragraph element.
 protected int getViewIndexAtPosition(int pos) 
    Fetches the child view index representing the given position in the model.
 protected  void layoutMajorAxis(int targetSpan,
    int axis,
    int[] offsets,
    int[] spans) 
 protected  void layoutMinorAxis(int targetSpan,
    int axis,
    int[] offsets,
    int[] spans) 
    Perform layout for the minor axis of the box (i.e. the axis orthoginal to the axis that it represents). The results of the layout should be placed in the given arrays which represent the allocations to the children along the minor axis.

    This is implemented to do a baseline layout of the children by calling BoxView.baselineLayout.

 protected  void loadChildren(ViewFactory f) 
    This is reimplemented to do nothing since the paragraph fills in the row with its needed children.
 public Shape modelToView(int pos,
    Shape a,
    Bias b) throws BadLocationException 
    Provides a mapping from the document model coordinate space to the coordinate space of the view mapped to it. This is implemented to let the superclass find the position along the major axis and the allocation of the row is used along the minor axis, so that even though the children are different heights they all get the same caret height.