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class: WrappedPlainView.WrappedLine [javadoc | source]

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Simple view of a line that wraps if it doesn't fit withing the horizontal space allocated. This class tries to be lightweight by carrying little state of it's own and sharing the state of the outer class with it's sibblings.
Field Summary
 int lineCount     
 SoftReference<int> lineCache     
Fields inherited from javax.swing.text.View:
BadBreakWeight,  GoodBreakWeight,  ExcellentBreakWeight,  ForcedBreakWeight,  X_AXIS,  Y_AXIS,  sharedBiasReturn
 WrappedLine(Element elem) 
Method from javax.swing.text.WrappedPlainView$WrappedLine Summary:
breakLines,   getLineEnds,   getPreferredSpan,   insertUpdate,   modelToView,   paint,   removeUpdate,   viewToModel
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append,   breakView,   changedUpdate,   createFragment,   forwardUpdate,   forwardUpdateToView,   getAlignment,   getAttributes,   getBreakWeight,   getChildAllocation,   getContainer,   getDocument,   getElement,   getEndOffset,   getGraphics,   getMaximumSpan,   getMinimumSpan,   getNextVisualPositionFrom,   getParent,   getPreferredSpan,   getResizeWeight,   getStartOffset,   getToolTipText,   getView,   getViewCount,   getViewFactory,   getViewIndex,   getViewIndex,   insert,   insertUpdate,   isVisible,   modelToView,   modelToView,   modelToView,   paint,   preferenceChanged,   remove,   removeAll,   removeUpdate,   replace,   setParent,   setSize,   updateChildren,   updateLayout,   viewToModel,   viewToModel
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Method from javax.swing.text.WrappedPlainView$WrappedLine Detail:
 final int[] breakLines(int startPos) 
    Creates line cache if text breaks into more than one physical line.
 final int[] getLineEnds() 
    Returns line cache. If the cache was GC'ed, recreates it. If there's no cache, returns null
 public float getPreferredSpan(int axis) 
    Determines the preferred span for this view along an axis.
 public  void insertUpdate(DocumentEvent e,
    Shape a,
    ViewFactory f) 
 public Shape modelToView(int pos,
    Shape a,
    Bias b) throws BadLocationException 
    Provides a mapping from the document model coordinate space to the coordinate space of the view mapped to it.
 public  void paint(Graphics g,
    Shape a) 
    Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface. The view may need to do layout and create child views to enable itself to render into the given allocation.
 public  void removeUpdate(DocumentEvent e,
    Shape a,
    ViewFactory f) 
 public int viewToModel(float fx,
    float fy,
    Shape a,
    Bias[] bias) 
    Provides a mapping from the view coordinate space to the logical coordinate space of the model.