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final class: CascadedStyle [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Storage for all the attributes applicable for the javax.swing.text.Element for which CascadedStyle is built. Applicability is defined by CSS1 specification (http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS1).
 CascadedStyle(StyleSheet styleSheet,
    Element element,
    List styleList,
    Iterator sheetIt) 
 CascadedStyle(StyleSheet styleSheet,
    String name,
    List styleList,
    Iterator sheetIt) 
Method from javax.swing.text.html.CascadedStyle Summary:
addAttribute,   addAttributes,   addChangeListener,   addStyle,   addStyleSheet,   containsAttribute,   containsAttributes,   copyAttributes,   getAttribute,   getAttribute,   getAttributeCount,   getAttributeNames,   getElementTreeSelector,   getFullElementName,   getFullElementName,   getFullName,   getName,   getResolveParent,   isDefined,   isEqual,   removeAttribute,   removeAttributes,   removeAttributes,   removeChangeListener,   removeStyle,   removeStyleSheet,   setResolveParent
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Method from javax.swing.text.html.CascadedStyle Detail:
 public  void addAttribute(Object arg0,
    Object arg1) 
 public  void addAttributes(AttributeSet arg0) 
 public  void addChangeListener(ChangeListener arg0) 
  void addStyle(String styleName) 
  void addStyleSheet(StyleSheet ss) 
 public boolean containsAttribute(Object arg0,
    Object arg1) 
 public boolean containsAttributes(AttributeSet arg0) 
 public AttributeSet copyAttributes() 
 public Object getAttribute(Object key) 
 public Object getAttribute(Object key,
    Element element) 
 public int getAttributeCount() 
 public Enumeration getAttributeNames() 
 public static String getElementTreeSelector(Element element) 
 public static String getFullElementName(Element element) 
 public static String getFullElementName(Element element,
    Tag tag) 
 public static String getFullName(Element element) 
 public String getName() 
 public AttributeSet getResolveParent() 
 public boolean isDefined(Object arg0) 
 public boolean isEqual(AttributeSet arg0) 
 public  void removeAttribute(Object arg0) 
 public  void removeAttributes(Enumeration arg0) 
 public  void removeAttributes(AttributeSet arg0) 
 public  void removeChangeListener(ChangeListener arg0) 
  void removeStyle(String styleName) 
  void removeStyleSheet(StyleSheet ss) 
 public  void setResolveParent(AttributeSet arg0)