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class: MuxingAttributeSet [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    AttributeSet, java$io$Serializable

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ResolvedStyle, ViewAttributeSet

An implementation of AttributeSet that can multiplex across a set of AttributeSets.
 protected MuxingAttributeSet() 
 public MuxingAttributeSet(AttributeSet[] attrs) 
    Creates a MuxingAttributeSet with the passed in attributes.
Method from javax.swing.text.html.MuxingAttributeSet Summary:
containsAttribute,   containsAttributes,   copyAttributes,   getAttribute,   getAttributeCount,   getAttributeNames,   getAttributes,   getResolveParent,   insertAttributeSetAt,   isDefined,   isEqual,   removeAttributeSetAt,   setAttributes
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Method from javax.swing.text.html.MuxingAttributeSet Detail:
 public boolean containsAttribute(Object name,
    Object value) 
    Checks whether a given attribute name/value is defined.
 public boolean containsAttributes(AttributeSet attrs) 
    Checks whether the attribute set contains all of the given attributes.
 public AttributeSet copyAttributes() 
    Copies a set of attributes.
 public Object getAttribute(Object key) 
    Gets the value of an attribute. If the requested attribute is a StyleConstants attribute that has a CSS mapping, the request will be converted.
 public int getAttributeCount() 
    Gets the number of attributes that are defined.
 public Enumeration getAttributeNames() 
    Gets the names of all attributes.
 protected synchronized AttributeSet[] getAttributes() 
    Returns the AttributeSets multiplexing too. When the AttributeSets need to be referenced, this should be called.
 public AttributeSet getResolveParent() 
    Returns null, subclasses may wish to do something more intelligent with this.
 protected synchronized  void insertAttributeSetAt(AttributeSet as,
    int index) 
    Inserts as at index. This assumes the value of index is between 0 and attrs.length, inclusive.
 public boolean isDefined(Object key) 
    Checks whether a given attribute is defined. This will convert the key over to CSS if the key is a StyleConstants key that has a CSS mapping.
 public boolean isEqual(AttributeSet attr) 
    Checks whether two attribute sets are equal.
 protected synchronized  void removeAttributeSetAt(int index) 
    Removes the AttributeSet at index. This assumes the value of index is greater than or equal to 0, and less than attrs.length.
 protected synchronized  void setAttributes(AttributeSet[] attrs) 
    Directly sets the AttributeSets that comprise this MuxingAttributeSet.