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All Implemented Interfaces:
    java$io$Serializable, MutableComboBoxModel, ListModel

OptionComboBoxModel extends the capabilities of the DefaultComboBoxModel, to store the Option that is initially marked as selected. This is stored, in order to enable an accurate reset of the ComboBox that represents the SELECT form element when the user requests a clear/reset. Given that a combobox only allow for one item to be selected, the last OPTION that has the attribute set wins.
Fields inherited from javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel:
objects,  selectedObject
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Method from javax.swing.text.html.OptionComboBoxModel Summary:
getInitialSelection,   setInitialSelection
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Method from javax.swing.text.html.OptionComboBoxModel Detail:
 public Option getInitialSelection() 
    Fetches the Option item that represents that was initially set to a selected state.
 public  void setInitialSelection(Option option) 
    Stores the Option that has been marked its selected attribute set.