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class: Token [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ControlWordToken, TextToken

Represents a simple token that the RTFScanner can read. A simple only has a type (like LCURLY or RCURLY). More complex tokens may attach data to the token.
Field Summary
public static final  int EOF    This special type inidicates the end of the input stream. 
public static final  int LCURLY    A left curly brace '{'. 
public static final  int RCURLY    A right curly brace '}'. 
public static final  int CONTROL_WORD    A control word like '\rtf1'. Tokens with this type are represented through the subclass ControlWordToken
public static final  int TEXT    A token that contains text. This is represented through the subclass TextToken
public  int type    The token type. 
 public Token(int type) 
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