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RTFAttribute   This interface describes a class which defines a 1-1 mapping between an RTF keyword and a SwingText attribute.  code | html
RTFReader.Destination   An interface (could be an entirely abstract class) describing a destination.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractFilter   A generic superclass for streams which read and parse text consisting of runs of characters interspersed with occasional ``specials'' (formatting characters).  code | html
RTFAttributes.GenericAttribute     code | html
RTFParser   RTFParser is a subclass of AbstractFilter which understands basic RTF syntax and passes a stream of control words, text, and begin/end group indications to its subclass.  code | html
RTFReader.AttributeTrackingDestination   RTFReader.TextHandlingDestination is an abstract RTF destination which simply tracks the attributes specified by the RTF control words in internal form and can produce acceptable AttributeSets for the current character, paragraph, and section attributes.  code | html
RTFReader.TextHandlingDestination   RTFReader.TextHandlingDestination provides basic text handling functionality.  code | html


Constants   Class to hold dictionary keys used by the RTF reader/writer.  code | html
ControlWordToken   A special Token that represents a control word in RTF like '\deff0' where 'deff' is the name of the control word and '0' is an optional parameter.  code | html
MockAttributeSet     code | html
RTFAttributes     code | html
RTFAttributes.AssertiveAttribute     code | html
RTFAttributes.BooleanAttribute     code | html
RTFAttributes.NumericAttribute     code | html
RTFEditorKit   This is the default implementation of RTF editing functionality.  code | html
RTFGenerator   Generates an RTF output stream (java.io.OutputStream) from rich text (handed off through a series of LTTextAcceptor calls).  code | html
RTFGenerator.CharacterKeywordPair     code | html
RTFParseException   Indicates a parsing error during RTF processing.  code | html
RTFReader   Takes a sequence of RTF tokens and text and appends the text described by the RTF to a StyledDocument (the target).  code | html
RTFReader.ColortblDestination   Reads the colortbl group.  code | html
RTFReader.DiscardingDestination   This data-sink class is used to implement ignored destinations (e.g.  code | html
RTFReader.DocumentDestination   RTFReader.DocumentDestination is a concrete subclass of TextHandlingDestination which appends the text to the StyledDocument given by the target ivar of the containing RTFReader.  code | html
RTFReader.FonttblDestination   Reads the fonttbl group, inserting fonts into the RTFReader's fontTable dictionary.  code | html
RTFReader.InfoDestination   Handles the info group.  code | html
RTFReader.StylesheetDestination   Handles the stylesheet keyword.  code | html
RTFReader.StylesheetDestination.StyleDefiningDestination   This subclass handles an individual style  code | html
RTFScanner   Provides a scanner that scans an InputStream for tokens of the RTF syntax.  code | html
TextToken   A special Token that represents a piece of text in RTF.  code | html
Token   Represents a simple token that the RTFScanner can read.  code | html