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class: VariableHeightLayoutCache.VisibleTreeStateNodeEnumeration [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

An enumerator to iterate through visible nodes.
Field Summary
protected  TreeStateNode parent    Parent thats children are being enumerated. 
protected  int nextIndex    Index of next child. An index of -1 signifies parent should be visibled next. 
protected  int childCount    Number of children in parent. 
 protected VisibleTreeStateNodeEnumeration(TreeStateNode node) 
 protected VisibleTreeStateNodeEnumeration(TreeStateNode parent,
    int startIndex) 
Method from javax.swing.tree.VariableHeightLayoutCache$VisibleTreeStateNodeEnumeration Summary:
findNextValidParent,   hasMoreElements,   nextElement,   updateNextIndex,   updateNextObject
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Method from javax.swing.tree.VariableHeightLayoutCache$VisibleTreeStateNodeEnumeration Detail:
 protected boolean findNextValidParent() 
    Finds the next valid parent, this should be called when nextIndex is beyond the number of children of the current parent.
 public boolean hasMoreElements() 
 public TreePath nextElement() 
 protected boolean updateNextIndex() 
    Updates nextIndex returning false if it is beyond the number of children of parent.
 protected  void updateNextObject() 
    Determines the next object by invoking updateNextIndex and if not succesful findNextValidParent.