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public class: ForwardingJavaFileManager [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Forwards calls to a given file manager. Subclasses of this class might override some of these methods and might also provide additional fields and methods.
Field Summary
protected final  M fileManager    The file manager which all methods are delegated to. 
 protected ForwardingJavaFileManager(M fileManager) 
Method from javax.tools.ForwardingJavaFileManager Summary:
close,   flush,   getClassLoader,   getFileForInput,   getFileForOutput,   getJavaFileForInput,   getJavaFileForOutput,   handleOption,   hasLocation,   inferBinaryName,   isSameFile,   isSupportedOption,   list
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Method from javax.tools.ForwardingJavaFileManager Detail:
 public  void close() throws IOException 
 public  void flush() throws IOException 
 public ClassLoader getClassLoader(Location location) 
 public FileObject getFileForInput(Location location,
    String packageName,
    String relativeName) throws IOException 
 public FileObject getFileForOutput(Location location,
    String packageName,
    String relativeName,
    FileObject sibling) throws IOException 
 public JavaFileObject getJavaFileForInput(Location location,
    String className,
    Kind kind) throws IOException 
 public JavaFileObject getJavaFileForOutput(Location location,
    String className,
    Kind kind,
    FileObject sibling) throws IOException 
 public boolean handleOption(String current,
    Iterator<String> remaining) 
 public boolean hasLocation(Location location) 
 public String inferBinaryName(Location location,
    JavaFileObject file) 
 public boolean isSameFile(FileObject a,
    FileObject b) 
 public int isSupportedOption(String option) 
 public Iterable<JavaFileObject> list(Location location,
    String packageName,
    Set<Kind> kinds,
    boolean recurse) throws IOException