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interface: JavaCompiler.CompilationTask [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Interface representing a future for a compilation task. The compilation task has not yet started. To start the task, call the {@linkplain #call call} method.

Before calling the call method, additional aspects of the task can be configured, for example, by calling the {@linkplain #setProcessors setProcessors} method.
Method from javax.tools.JavaCompiler$CompilationTask Summary:
call,   setLocale,   setProcessors
Method from javax.tools.JavaCompiler$CompilationTask Detail:
 public Boolean call()
    Performs this compilation task. The compilation may only be performed once. Subsequent calls to this method throw IllegalStateException.
 public  void setLocale(Locale locale)
    Set the locale to be applied when formatting diagnostics and other localized data.
 public  void setProcessors(Iterable<Processor> processors)
    Sets processors (for annotation processing). This will bypass the normal discovery mechanism.