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public enum class: StandardLocation [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Standard locations of file objects.
Field Summary
public  StandardLocation CLASS_OUTPUT    Location of new class files. 
public  StandardLocation SOURCE_OUTPUT    Location of new source files. 
public  StandardLocation CLASS_PATH    Location to search for user class files. 
public  StandardLocation SOURCE_PATH    Location to search for existing source files. 
public  StandardLocation ANNOTATION_PROCESSOR_PATH    Location to search for annotation processors. 
public  StandardLocation PLATFORM_CLASS_PATH    Location to search for platform classes. Sometimes called the boot class path. 
Method from javax.tools.StandardLocation Summary:
getName,   isOutputLocation,   locationFor
Method from javax.tools.StandardLocation Detail:
 public String getName() 
 public boolean isOutputLocation() 
 public static Location locationFor(String name) 
    Gets a location object with the given name. The following property must hold: {@code locationFor(x) == locationFor(y)} if and only if {@code x.equals(y)}. The returned location will be an output location if and only if name ends with {@code "_OUTPUT"}.