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jpicedt.format.latex.parser.* (19)

jpicedt.format.latex: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.format.latex.

Package Samples:

jpicedt.format.latex.parser: Classes (formatter, view factory,...) related to the LaTeX (standard) content-type.  


LatexConstants: "emulated latex" parameters : these parameters get used by LatexFormatter, LatexParser and LatexViewFactory. lineThickness : (mm) ; used when parsing LaTeX file, when no \\lineThickness command is found emLineLength : (mm) when in "em. latex" mode, a line whose slope doesn't match an existing LaTeX slope (cf. picture environment) is emulated by tiny horizontal and/or vertical segments ; this parameter determines the length of these segments maxLatexCircleDiameter (mm) : circles whose diameter is greater than this value are emulated ; this ususally depends on available "lasym" fonts maxLatexDiskDiameter ...
LaTeXPicPointExpression: an expression that parses "(x,y)" string (LaTeX-like PicPoint) and gives the corresponding numerical values to the point number "ptNumber" of the current Element (see jpicedt.graphic.model.Element interface for details on the setPoint()/getPoint() methods).
PicBezierExpression: Rules for parsing quad curves with a PicEdt syntax : PicBezier : %Bezier 0|1 0|1 (x1,y1)(xC,yC)(x2,y2) dash=value Any string %End Bezier dash is optional. The whole expression MUST hold on a single line (as opposed to LaTeX or eepic commands)
LatexViewFactory: A factory to create a View for a given Element when the underlying content type is LaTeX (i.e. picture env.) This is essentially based on Epic/Eepic behaviour, except for filling shapes (only small circles and rectangles can be filled).
LineThicknessExpression: Legal syntax : \linethickness{0.4pt} \linethickness{0.4mm} \linethickness{0.4cm} \linethickness{0.4} // en mm par défaut note : 1pt = 1/72.27 inch = 0.3515 mm cf. LaTeX Book (Leslie Lamport) p.192
PicLineExpression: PicLine : %Line 0 0 (x0,y0)(x1,y1) dash=value %Line 0 1 (x0,y0)(x1,y1) dash=value %Line 1 0 (x0,y0)(x1,y1) dash=value %Line 1 1 (x0,y0)(x1,y1) dash=value (dash is optional) Any string (\multiput, etc...) %End Line
LaTeXInstanciationExpression: instanciates a new Element by cloning the given object, when it finds the given tag, then adds it to the current PicGroup ; makes use of the PicAttributeSet associated with the ATTRIBUTES key in LaTeXParser.
LaTeXPutExpression: \\put(x,y){argument} Depending on the argument found, instanciates : - PicText : \\makebox, \\framebox, \\dashbox or LR-argument - PicPolygon : \\line, \\vector. - PicEllipse : \\circle
UnitLengthExpression: \\unitlength value \\setlength{\\unitlength}{value} where value's permitted syntaxs are : 0.11, 0.11mm, 0.11cm, 0.11pt with possible leading whitespaces before the "unit".
PicEllipseExpression: PicEllipse : %Ellipse(x0,y0)(width)(height) %Ellipse(x0,y0)(width,height) filled|whiten|blacken|shade arcStart= arcExtent= Any string (multiput...) %End Ellipse
PicArrowTypeExpression: "0/1 0/1" arrow type (we take for granted that this string is followed by a LaTeX-picPoint, as in %Line 0 1 (2.3,4.5)..., possibly with leading whitespaces)
PicRectangleExpression: PicRectangle : %Rectangle(x0,y0)(x1,y1) or %Rectangle(x0,y0)(x1,y1) filled|blacken|shade|whiten dash=value Any string %End Rectangle
PicPolygonExpression: PicPolygon : %Polygon (x1,y1)...(xn,yn) dash=value whiten|shade|blacken closed ... (any LaTeX or eepic command) %End Polygon
PicEndExpression: Match "%End XXXX"-like expressions at the beginning of a line (or preceeded by whitespaces), after skipping as many lines as necessary.
LaTeXBezierExpression: Rules for parsing quad bezier with a LaTeX syntax \\qbezier(x1,y1)(xc,yc)(x2,y2) \\bezier{n}(x1,y1)(xc,yc)(x2,y2)
PicDashStatement: Handles dash statements in jPicEdt-syntax (i.e. TeX-like comments) % ... dash= ...
PicColorExpression: jPicEdt syntax (i.e. lines starting with a %) color : filled/blacken/whiten/shade

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