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Interface Summary
ExpressionConstants Constants used by subclasses of AbstractRegularExpression.
Parser This is the interface from which every parser passed as a parameter to "" (or similar methods from related classes) must inherit.

Class Summary
AbstractRegularExpression This is the abstract superclass for all regular expression that build up the LaTeX parser.
AlternateExpression A regular expression that mimics the "x|y" RegExp syntax.
CommentExpression Parse comment strings.
Context A class that stores context information about the parsing process, like : current line number, current parsed substring, block markers, stack for markers...
DefaultParser Default implementation of the parser interface [pending : create interface !].
EnclosingExpression An expression that can encompass a sub-expression it encloses with markers, e.g.
GNURegExpression An expression specified by a gnu.regexp.RE regular expression.
InstanciationExpression An expression that can instanciate a new Element by cloning the given graphic element when it finds a given litteral tag, then add it to the current PicGroup in the pool.
LaTeXParser LaTeX (including epic/eepic and pstricks macros) parser This class consists essentially of LaTeX grammar rules (subexpression included in the "root" sequence expression) and a method "parse()" which kicks off the parsing process.
LiteralExpression An expression specified by a String to be exactly matched at the current cursor position.
NotParsableExpression Any string (but w/o line-feeds !)
NumericalExpression An expression containing only digits, possibly preceded by whitespaces ; a post-delimiters can be specified, as well as the number's type (int or double) and its sign
OptionalExpression an expression that represents a pattern repeating at most once
ParserEvent An event that gets sent as an argument of the "action" method during an interpret operation
PicPointExpression An expression for 2D-Point parsing e.g.
Pool Offers a means for expressions belonging to the parser-tree to share variables across the tree.
Pool.Key Enforces use of strong typing for keys being put the map
RepeatExpression an expression that represents a pattern repeating a given number of times
RootExpression This is the super-class for head-expressions that contain grammar rule for a given format.
SequenceExpression An expression that represents a sequence of expressions to be matched exactly in the same order they're being added to the sequence.
StatementExpression An expression for "statement"-parsing, i.e.
TerminalExpression This expression works a bit like a "CR-greedy" expression : it scans each line until it can successfully parse the reg-exp given in the constructor, POSSIBLY preceded by wild-chars (as given in the construror).
WhiteSpaces Multiple white spaces (w/o line-feeds)
WhiteSpacesOrEOL multiple white spaces and/or '\n'
WildCharExpression an Expression that represents a single occurence of a wild-char (ANY_CHAR or one of the predefinite fields in java.lang.Character)
WordExpression A string, - either composed of letters only, or letters and digits (see java.lang.Character.isLetter() for details) only, - or ended by the specified end-delimiter (in which case it may contain other chars than letters)

Exception Summary
ParserException An Exception manager used by Parsers The main purpose is to build a meaningfull string so that the user may be able to know where the syntax error comes from and what kind of error it is.
ParserException.BeginGroupMismatch signals that a "begin group" has no matching "end group"
ParserException.BlockMismatch signals that a closing delimiter has no matching opening delimiter (see EnclosingExpression)
ParserException.EndGroupMismatch signals that a "end group" has no matching "begin group"
ParserException.EndOfPicture signals that the end of the picture has been encoutered (this is NOT an error)
ParserException.EndOfPictureNotFound signals that the end of the picture hasn't been found
ParserException.EOF signals that the end of the file has been reached anormally (i.e.
ParserException.IncompleteSequence signals an incomplete SequenceExpression
ParserException.NotFoundInFile signals that a mandatory expression wasn't found
ParserException.NumberFormat aka NumberFormatException
ParserException.NumberSign signals an error concerning the sign of a number (see NumericalExpression)
ParserException.SyntaxError signals that a syntax error has occured