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Class Summary
BeginPsPictureExpression PsTricks : \begin{pspicture}(x0,y0)(x1,y1) -> defines a box with BL=(x0,y0) and TR=(x1,y1) \begin{pspicture}*(x0,y0)(x1,y1) -> clipped \begin{pspicture}[baseline](x0,y0)(x1,y1) -> changes baseline (see pstricks's doc p.41) \begin{pspicture}[](x0,y0)(x1,y1) -> baseline passes across the origine
EndPsPictureExpression \end{pspicture}
PsArcExpression \\psarc[parameters]{<->}(x0,y0){rad}{angleA}{angleB} ; where at least "arrows" or (x0,y0) args must be included \\psarc*[parameters]{<->}(x0,y0){rad}{angleA}{angleB} ; idid.
PsBezierExpression Rules for parsing cubic splines with a PsTricks syntax : \\psbezier[parameters]{arrows}(x0,y0)(x1,y1)(x2,y2)(x3,y3) \\psbezier*[parameters]{arrows}(x0,y0)(x1,y1)(x2,y2)(x3,y3)
PsCircleExpression Quick circle : \\pscircle[parameters](x0,y0)(rad) \\pscircle*[parameters](x0,y0)(rad)
PsEllipseExpression \\psellipse[parameters](x0,y0)(hrad,vrad) \\psellipse*[parameters](x0,y0)(hrad,vrad)
PsEllipticalArcExpression see PicEllipseFormater for details on the trick used to build elliptical arcs %PSTEllipticArc arcStart=xxx arcExtent=xxx \psclip{\pswedge[linecolor=white](xC,yC){radius}{Ang1}{Ang2}}\psellipse[param](xC,yC)(hradius,vradius)\endpsclip %End PSTEllipticArc We expect the parsed expression to have EXACTLY the same syntax as that produced by the formatter.
PsFrameExpression \\psframe[parameters](x0,y0)(x1,y1) \\psframe*[parameters](x0,y0)(x1,y1)
PsLineExpression Deprecated. replaced by PsPolygonExpression
PsPolygonExpression PsPolygon -> close path ; PsLine -> open path.
\\pspolygon[param](2,4)(3,15) // NO ARROW ALLOWED HERE !
PsQLineExpression Quick line : \\qline(x0,y0)(x1,y1) Uses default parameters values.
PsRPutExpression \\rput[refpoint]{rotation}(x,y){stuff}
where :
refpoint = B|b|t for vertical and l|r for horizontal (B = baseline), used only for psframebox and rel.
PSTAngleParameter "hatchangle=45" or "shadowangle=90"
PSTArrowExpression Parses two arrows.
PSTBooleanExpression "shadow=true" or "shadow=false" ...
PSTColorExpression expression involving colours, e.g.
PSTDashExpression ex : "dash=1pt 3mm" (first opaque, then transparent)
PSTFillStyleExpression "fillstyle=style" where style is one of PicObjectConstants predefined fill styles.
PSTInstanciationExpression instanciates a new Element by cloning the given object, when it finds the given tag, then adds it to the current PicGroup ; same as InstanciationExpression except that we use pool.pstSet instead of pool.ltxSet
PSTLengthParameter Every statement involving length units (as set by PsTricks's "runit" register), e.g.
PSTLineStyleExpression "linestyle=style" where style is one of PicObjectConstants predefined line styles.
PSTParametersExpression PsTricks graphics parameters, e.g.
PSTPicPointExpression an expression that parses "(x,y)" string (PsTricks-like PicPoint) and gives the corresponding numerical values to the point number "ptNumber" of the current Element (see jpicedt.graphic.model.Element interface for details on the setPoint()/getPoint() methods).
PsUnitLengthExpression To be used by PSTParamExpression.
StarExpression handles optional "*" after psframebox,pspolygon,...
UserDefinedColorExpression parse expression like : - \\newgray{user-def colour name}{num} (where num is a gray scale specification b/w 0 and 1) - \\newrgbcolor{user-def-colour-name}{num1 num2 num3} (where num are numbers b/w 0 and 1) - \\newhsbcolor{user-def-colour-name}{num1 num2 num3} (where num are numbers b/w 0 and 1) - \\newcmykcolor{user-def-colour-name}{num1 num2 num3 num4} (where num are numbers b/w 0 and 1) Colour names may contain letters and numbers.