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Package jpicedt.graphic.model

Interface Summary
Element An interface for graphic elements that can be added to a Drawing.
Element.PointIterator An iterator over PicPoint's.
PicObjectConstants Constants for Element's

Class Summary
AbstractElement An abstract class that can serve as the basis class for elements of a Drawing.
Arrow a class implementing the arrow attribute.
BranchElement An abstract class for Element's that allow children
DefaultAttributeSet This an immutable attribute set that stores default attributes value, and can thus serve as the default resolving parent for mutable PicAttributeSet's.
Drawing An extensible array used to store Elements
PicAttributeName a wrapper for an attribute name suited for PicAttributeSet's
PicAttributeSet a class that stores non-default graphical attributes (e.g.
PicBezierCubic A cubic non-rational Bezier curve (= spline), defined by its three end points and a control point
PicBezierQuad A quadratic non-rational Bezier curve (= spline), defined by its two end points and a control point
PicEllipse Elliptic arcs.
PicGroup A concrete implementation of BranchElement that is suited for building groups of elements.
PicPolygon A polygon, either closed or not, with a variable number of points that can be added/inserted/deleted by the user.
PicPut This object allow the user to insert any \\put(x,y){...} command anywhere in the drawing This is especially useful for people willing to use their own macro or packages.
PicRectangle A class implementing a rectangle, defined geomtrically by 2 diagonal points.
PicText Textual elements, possibly surrounded by a box (currently, only rectangular, oval and circular shapes are supported).
StyleConstants Utility class to get or set attributes in a type-safe manner
TextEditable An abstract class for Element's that have a textual representation, and whose text can be graphically edited