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jpicedt.graphic.model: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.graphic.model.

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Element: An interface for graphic elements that can be added to a Drawing. A graphic element is basically defined by : A set of control-point (sometimes called end-points) that specify their geometry An attribute set A parent and possibly children once the element has been added to a tree defining a model. This allows us to let the root element only hold state about the tree while still maintaining the ability for a child to retrieve this state at any time through a (possibly recursive) call to getParent. Besides, each Element may have a View attached to it (but this is not necessary as long as it has not ...
BranchElement: An abstract class for Element's that allow children The implementation of the Collection interface is done through calls to addChild , removeChild , children , removeAllChildren , except for the addAll method which is implemented from scratch so as to fire a changed-event only once all elements have been added. As a result, subclasses only need to override these methods to change the behaviour of content-modifying methods. This element has only one control point, namely, the bottom-left corner of the bounding box. Moving this point result in a global translation of the element (no rescale, use ...
DefaultAttributeSet: This an immutable attribute set that stores default attributes value, and can thus serve as the default resolving parent for mutable PicAttributeSet's. setAttribute method is overriden to do nothing. This set can't have any resolving parent. How to add a new attribute name : In PicObjectConstants , define a new static final PicAttributeName with an explicit name (possibly following PsTricks syntax) give it an adequate index increment value of PicObjectConstants.MaxAttributeNameIndex to reflect change. Refactored 30/03/2002 (hashtable)
AbstractElement: An abstract class that can serve as the basis class for elements of a Drawing. The geometry is backed by an array of coordinate, containing the minimum number of pair of coordinate which are necessary for the specification of the shape of this element. There can be more control points however (e.g. for a rectangle, there are two "specification" points, yet five control points, including the center).
PicPut: This object allow the user to insert any \\put(x,y){...} command anywhere in the drawing This is especially useful for people willing to use their own macro or packages. A PicPut object is made of an anchor point an a command string.
Drawing: An extensible array used to store Elements This is the model (aka javax.swing.text.Document) to be plugged into an existing PECanvas. Objects are stored in ascending order according to their z-value, i.e. from back to front.
PicText: Textual elements, possibly surrounded by a box (currently, only rectangular, oval and circular shapes are supported). The box size is computed from the text size (i.e. aka LaTeX's \\framebox command with no width/height argument).
PicPolygon: A polygon, either closed or not, with a variable number of points that can be added/inserted/deleted by the user. For a PicPolygon, each control point is also an anchor point (e.g. for grid alignment).
PicAttributeSet: a class that stores non-default graphical attributes (e.g. "fill", "stroke", etc... ) in a hashtable. If a key is not found in the map, we look up the resolving parent.
PicRectangle: A class implementing a rectangle, defined geomtrically by 2 diagonal points. [pending] add "rounded corner" capacity to PicRectangle
TextEditable: An abstract class for Element's that have a textual representation, and whose text can be graphically edited
PicEllipse: Elliptic arcs. The geometrical model is based on PicRectangle , plus specifications for the angle.
PicBezierQuad: A quadratic non-rational Bezier curve (= spline), defined by its two end points and a control point
PicBezierCubic: A cubic non-rational Bezier curve (= spline), defined by its three end points and a control point
PicGroup: A concrete implementation of BranchElement that is suited for building groups of elements.
PicAttributeName: a wrapper for an attribute name suited for PicAttributeSet's
StyleConstants: Utility class to get or set attributes in a type-safe manner

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