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jpicedt.graphic.toolkit: Javadoc index of package jpicedt.graphic.toolkit.

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EditorKit: A pluggable EditorKit for a PECanvas, that mainly provides mouse-tool management, e.g. zooming, selecting and drawing capabilities, together with a set of Action's. Action's that make sense for this EditorKit are implemented as static inner classes to reduce name space. They can be shared across multiple PECanvas through the use of an ActionDispatcher given to the Action constructor. New mouseTool's can be registered via the registerMouseTool method ; they're backed by a hashMap, and can be activated (i.e. set as the current mouse-tool) by using setCurrentMouseTool with the tool name as the parameter ...
PEAction: An abstract subclass of Swing's AbstractAction that can (but may as well not) be shared across multiple PECanvas. This implementation uses the same set of properties as AbstractAction. The constructor gives a convenient way of automatically building localized properties associated with this PEAction from a simple String (the "actionName" parameter), using a user-provided ActionLocalizer. Note : if an ActionLocalizer is provided to the constructor, and some of its methods return null values, the corresponding properties are set to null. However, all jPicEdt components (e.g. PEMenu, PEToolBar,...), ...
AbstractCustomizer: An abstract superclass that alleviate the burden of creating a customizer panel, by providing a common set of behaviours where storing/retrieving value to/from a Properties object (or any storage class) is concerned. In particular, the hosting panel should provide UI commands to load default values, reload previously stored values, and store value to the approriate stream (choice of which is being left to concrete implementation of related abstract methods).
TransferableGraphic: Wrapper for Element's that can be transfered to/from a Clipboard. Contrary to a BranchElement implementation : - this object stores a reference to a CLONE of the Element(s) of interest, not to the Element(s) itself (this allow the source Element to be further modified w/o affecting the content of this TransferableGraphic, which is necessary for proper ClipBoard behaviour) - As a result, Element's added to this TransferableGraphic have no parent, no view,...
PEToggleAction: A subclass of PEAction suited for toggle-able AbstractButton's, e.g. JToggleButton, JCheckBox, JCheckBoxMenuItem and JRadioButton. The main point is that PEMenu and PEToolBar know how to add a PEToggleAction and to create the adequate widget (either JCheckBoxMenuItem or JToggleButton). Concrete implementation of the actionPerformed should use ((AbstractButton)e.getSource()).isSelected() to fetch the current widget state.
ScaleTool: A MouseTool used to scale a target Element using a source and a destination vector. Sequence of mouse operations : mousePressed -> set first corner of source rectangle mouseDragged -> drag second corner source rectangle mouseReleased -> switch to destination rectangle mouseMoved -> set second corner of destination rectangle, and rescale target element accordingly mousePressed -> complete operation, then reset.
MouseTool: An implementation of PEMouseInputListener that factors common behaviour for EditorKit's mouse tools, and implements KeyListener so that mouse-tools can also listen to key events (e.g. to update cursor,...) Besides, this class provide a "paint" method which, like Element's, allows the tool to draw shapes (on the associated PECanvas) that are specific to this tool.
ActionDispatcher: Allow PEAction's to know upon which target they must act. This allows PEAction's, either to be shared across multiple PECanvas's in the context of a MDI user interface (in which case the UI implementation should provide its own ActionDispatcher), or to be attached permanently to a given PECanvas (use DefaultActionDispatcher for that)
PEToolBar: A subclass of JToolBar that knows how to add PEAction's. the abstract superclass for jPicEdt toolbars ; some methods have been added to/overriden from JToolBar, such as : - creating JToggleButton from an Action - adding a Button from an Action, taking i18n res file into account
ActionLocalizer: This interface, once properly implemented, may be used as a parameter for a PEAction, and can feed it with localized properties (e.g. tooltip, mnemonic...). Concrete implementation may be backed, for instance, by a ResourceBundle initialized from a properties file.
DefaultActionDispatcher: An implementation of the ActionDispatcher interface that's suited for non-shared PEAction's (i.e. actions which are permanently "attached" to a given PECanvas).
AbstractMouseTransform: this implementation allows subclassers to modify a clone of the target Element, then to update the original Element when the operation is completed.
PEMenu: This is a subclass of JMenu that allows to add Swing Action's using the ACCELERATOR_KEY property (contrary to the JMenu implementation).
MouseTransform: an interface that specifies behaviours shared by mouse-driven object-editing actions, especially when driven by SelectionTool .

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